Nahid Kazemi









Nahid Kazemi , an Iranian artist who received her master’s degree in painting from Tehran Art University in 2007. She started her professional career in 2003 as a graphic designer and illustrator, when she was still in college .
She received the first award in book illustration “Scientific and Cultural annual festival” in 2007.
While continuing her art practicies and working for publishers and authors inside and outside the country, she worked for three years as an art director of the “Scientific and Cultural” publishing company.
Her technique in painting and illustration shifted to simplifying influenced by forms and motifs from primitive art. In a simple word, to Nahid kazemi painting is an “imagery literature” to , a connection between the words and forms. And graphic is a way to simplifying her scheme and concept. Such a procedure has an important role in creating a better connection with her audiences.
Illustrated more than 60 books for children, holding 30 group and solo exhibitions in Iran, France, Italy, England, Lebanon and Belgrade, teaching art and working with publishetrs such as “Tiny owl” and “Sanje” are parts of Nahid Kazemi’s Art resume .

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